How to Clean a Chicken Coop

Cleaning a coop doesn’t sound like fun but it’s important to keep your chickens healthy and happy. You also wouldn’t want the eggs that you consume daily to be resting or covered in poo now, do you? Cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult if you do it regularly. I usually clean out the coop once every other week, depending on the need. Here’s how I do it.

  1. Remove all bedding and droppings

After locking my chickens out of the coop, I put on some gloves, grab a shovel and completely scrape all soiled bedding and droppings into a bin. You will find that dried up poo can be extremely hard and you will have to put in a little more effort in scraping it off. Using a hand broom, I then sweep the remaining dirt and feathers out.

Tip: I’ve found that the soiled bedding makes really good compost. If you are also into gardening, you can try working them into your flower or vegetable patch. Get ready for a good harvest!

  1. Hosing / Wiping down the coop

The next step would be to wipe down the coop. Some people use bleach, but I find that a water and white vinegar solution works just as well. Besides, bleach contains harsh chemicals and you don’t want your chickens to be breathing in toxic air in the enclosed coop.

I would recommend hosing down the entire coop once a month to completely cleanse and disinfect the area. While you’re at it, scrub the coop using a water and vinegar solution to remove droppings that are caked to the floors and walls.

  1. Air dry

You should then open the doors and windows of the coop to allow everything to air and dry. Remember to choose a warm sunny day to clean your coop. The UV from sunlight functions as a natural disinfectant and kills all germs and bacteria effectively.

  1. clean chicken coopFresh bedding

Once everything is dry, generously lay down fresh bedding on the coop floor. You can then let your chickens in to enjoy their new, clean home.